Transportation Services

Why register

Registration of bus riders is necessary to help ensure student safety.  Students are assigned to the correct bus which gives the bus drivers complete information of who is riding their bus.  This helps to improve student conduct.  The registration helps to limit bus overcrowding and restrict unauthorized riders.  It also ensures more accurate communication with the parents and allows for cost savings from routing inefficiencies. 

Who needs to register

Any student who wants to ride the school bus needs to be registered.   Students must register each school year if they are requesting school bus transportation.  Those students who have recently enrolled as new students in Loyalsock Township School District indicated their transportation needs during the enrollment process and do not need to re-register until the next school year.  Kindergarten students do not need to register unless their transportation needs have changed since Kindergarten registration.

Transportation will only be provided for students who have registered for the school bus.  Students are assigned to the bus stop closest to their primary address.  Requests for transportation to another address will be approved pending available space and at the discretion of the school district.  There is no guarantee that a seat will be available for space-available riders.

The registration deadline for guaranteed bus service for the first day of school is June 30, 2018.  However, registration forms are accepted and processed all year.

Registration Information Here!

Eligible Students

According to our school policy, transportation is provided for students living more than the legal limits established by the state or where walking constitutes a hazard to the safety of the student (as certified by the Department of Transportation):

  • For elementary students (K-6)  the distance is 1 1/2 miles by the nearest public highway
  • For secondary students (7-12)  the distance is 2 miles by the nearest public highway

Weather-related Delayed Openings and Early Dismissals

Any time that the school district has a 2 hour delay in the morning due to weather or road conditions, the school buses will run their regular routes 2 hours later than the normally scheduled times.  Students who are registered for the school bus may ride the bus at that time.  Please refer to the Transportation Notification sent to the parents of registered students (by postal mail or email) for detailed stop locations and times.

In the event of an early dismissal due to weather conditions, the school buses will take the children to their designated afternoon bus stop after the dismissal time.  Buses will run the same routes as on a normal school day. The bus will arrive at your stop approximately the same amount of time after dismissal that it normally takes the bus to go from the school to your stop.

Transportation Policies

Click below for information on the Loyalsock Township School Board Policy on transportation.