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Zac Martin

8th Grade Science Teacher

Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolExt. 1231Work Phone: 570-323-9439
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Kim Massetti

Physical Education

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child's Physical  Education and Wellness Teacher. …Read More
Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1318Work Phone: (570) 326-3581

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your child’s Physical  Education and Wellness Teacher.  My goal is to present a curricula that is enriching and motivating to all students at all fitness levels and abilities.

I am very proud of the Physical Education program here at Loyalsock Township. We want the students to understand that fitness activities can bring a quality of life that money cannot buy.

About Me:
Loyalsock Township Graduate
Slippery Rock University Graduate with a BS in Education
Taught in the Canton Jr. /Sr. High for 5 years
Loyalsock Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher from 1991-2009
Loyalsock High School Physical Education and Wellness Teacher from 2009-?

Wellness Grading Policy

Physical Education and Fitness & Sport Grading Policy

Massettis Homework Schedule



Health Tools
Under the “Tools” box:
Risk Assessment A-Z, Quizzes A-Z, Calculators A-Z

Health Risk Appraisal
How healthy are you? Find out!

Calculate your life expectancy–lifeevents–longevity_game

Teen Links
Information on behavior changes.
Answers to any question.

MyPyramid: Nutrition and weight control
D & A Computer Assignment

PBS on-line: Moyers on Addiction

Antwone Fisher Summary
Facing the Giants – Leadership

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Heather McCarthy

Third Grade Teacher

Welcome to our classroom website!…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1124Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Welcome to our classroom website! It is designed to provide you with helpful information throughout the school year. From here you will be able to view updated information about our classroom and more!


Click Here for our current homework assignment

Specials Schedule

Day 1 – Library
Day 2 – Gym
Day 3 – Music
Day 4 – Art
Day 5 – Gym
Day 6 – Music


Click here to learn how to get signed up!

Classroom Management

I will switch back and forth between the two management systems mentioned below, depending on what is effectively working or not working. Should you ever have any questions, please let me know immediately.

Class Dojo

This year, I will be using a management tool called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a web based program which allows teachers to track students’ behaviors (positive AND negative) easily and efficiently. The program is based on points, and students can be given positive points for things like being on task, being respectful, participating, or working hard. On the other hand, points can be taken away if students are off task, talking out, or unprepared.! J

After students have been added to the system, there is a student access code we will give to each student so that they can log on to the website. On the site, they are able to see how many points they have, which positive behaviors were noted, and which negative behaviors they need to work on. Students will be able to earn rewards based on their points.

One of the greatest features of ClassDojo is that it allows me to send parents a “behavior and skills report” every Friday by e-mail.  All you need to do is use the parent access code to get signed up. My hope is that this will help you better understand the progress of your student’s behavior on a week-to-week basis.

For more details, please see the letter that will be sent home!

Clip it! Behavior Chart

On of the behavior management tools we will use in our classroom this year will be a clip chart to monitor behavior.  A clip chart is a great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behavior, while discouraging negative behavior.

Each student has a clothespin, or clip, with his or her name on it.  Everyone will start out at the top of the chart at the beginning of each day, and clips can move up and down throughout the day based on behavior. Students will earn tickets based on the level they end the day with!  The tickets will be put into a drawing at the end of the week to earn special rewards.

Your child will keep track of his/her own daily behavior on a calendar that will be placed in the back pocket of the homework folder. Please sign this each week so you are aware and so there are no surprises at anytime throughout the year.



Recommended Supplies

Click here for a suggested list of supplies for your child this year.

Games that will reinforce skills we have learned in the classroom:

Prefix and Suffix Practice:

Theme: Understanding Setting, Plot, and Theme

Multiple Meaning Words

Reading Fun


Cause and Effect

Fact and Opinion

Smarty Games

e-Learning for Kids

Fuel the Brain

Multiplication Practice

Game Goo






Photo of Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy

Fifth Grade Teacher

Let's Have a Ball in 5th Grade!…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1164Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Let’s Have a Ball in 5th Grade!

Hello! My name is Mrs. McCoy and I am excited to begin my second year in 5th grade at Schick Elementary! I graduated with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Juniata College in 2009. I continued my education at Edinboro University and received my Master’s Degree in Reading Education in 2013.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My husband, Paul and I have a Basset Hound named Jenny. I enjoy playing basketball, hunting, reading, listening to music, and sitting around the campfire!

Important Messages

Day Schedule

Day 1 – Gym
Day 2 – Music
Day 3 – Library
Day 4 – Gym
Day 5 – Music
Day 6 – Art


No Photo Available

Gerald McLaughlin

Superintendent of Schools

District Service CenterExt. 1003Work Phone: (570) 326-6508
No Photo Available

Mia McNett


Welcome to 3rd grade!  …Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1109Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Welcome to 3rd grade!  J  I’m thrilled to have you in my class this year!
There are so many exciting things that we’ll be doing and learning together.   I’m going to challenge you to become a stronger reader, writer, thinker, and mathematician!  We will use the computers, Smart Board, iPads, learn to multiply and divide, make crafts, write stories, perform readers’ theaters, explore different science topics, tackle the PSSAs, play games, earn reward parties, and so much more!  One of my students from last year even wrote you a special letter to explain some of the things you might enjoy.

Our classroom is D-2.  Enjoy the last few days of your summer vacation…I can’t wait to see you!  See you soon!

Suggested Supplies

The supplies listed below are very helpful items to bring to school.  I do have supplies on hand that I can provide if needed.

  • Glue bottle
  • 2 Single subject spiral bound notebooks
  • 1 ½ – 2 inch binder (please no bigger as desk space is tight)

Below is an optional list, as all items will be provided if needed.

  • Small box of crayons
  • Whiteboard eraser (a sock works just fine)
  • Small personal sized whiteboard (can be purchased at the Dollar Tree)
  • Markers (I do not provide markers)
  • PLEASE put your child’s name on each item in order to keep track of all students’ belongings.

Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are subject to change during the week. Any changes will be made in your child’s agenda. Please be sure to check the agenda each night and initial once your child’s homework is complete! I check the agenda each morning for a signature and notes!
PS – No Homework on Friday!!

Photo of Nicole McNett

Nicole McNett

Third Grade Teacher

Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1121Work Phone: (570) 326-3554
Photo of Stephanie Mitstifer

Stephanie Mitstifer

Fifth Grade Teacher

Hello, my name is Stephanie Mitstifer and I have teaching at Loyalsock since 2006.…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1155Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Hello, my name is Stephanie Mitstifer and I have teaching at Loyalsock since 2006. Here is some background information about me. I graduated from Shippensburg University in 1996 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. I worked for two years as a youth advocate counseling parents and children of domestic violence. During this career, I realized I wanted to be a teacher.

I was accepted into the elementary education program at Lycoming College and graduated in 2001. I took some time and stayed at home with my kids while attending Mansfield University to received my certification as a Reading Specialist. I graduated with my master’s degree in education from Mansfield University in 2009. I have taught seventh grade, fourth grade, and now fifth grade!

I have three daughters Khloe, Kiersten, and Katie who keep me very busy. In my spare time, I love to read and enjoy skiing. Well, I hope you learned a little about me and I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year!

Specials Schedule  2016-2017

Day 1:    Library
Day 2:    Chorus, P.E., Guidance (every other week)
Day 3:    Music
Day 4:    Art
Day 5:    Band,  P.E.
Day 6:    Music
Lunch:  12:45-1:15
Birthdays:  If you would like to send a (store-bought only) birthday treat for your child’s birthday, please let me know in advance for scheduling purposes.  Thank you!
Wish List
  • Tissues
  • Pencils
  • Cap Erasers
  • Lined Paper
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Socks or washcloths for erasing white board
  • Educational magazines
  • Puzzles
  • Games- for indoor recess
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Crayons
  • Movies-for indoor recess


Math Tutorial Website:

Homework teaches your child study skills, responsibility, and reinforces the lessons taught in school that day. Please take time each night to check your child’s daily agenda for assignments.

Helpful Study Advice and Hints

Try to reinforce math skills learned by your child in your everyday activites. For example, when grocery shopping have your child estimate the cost of your groceries. If items are on sale have them find out the difference between the regular price and the discount price. When making recipes have your child add and subtract fractions and measurements to double or half a recipe.  Do not forget to practice basic math facts!

Strive for your child to read everyday. If your child sees you are interested in reading, they are more likely to want to read. Reading is reading it does not matter if it is a favorite magazine, comic, or a newspaper. Keep a variety of reading materials ( especially nonfiction) available for your child to read. Take your child to the library and make a fun day out of it. Remember to make reading fun and try new genres of literature! To practice fluency, have your child orally read a selection.

Educational Websites

50 States
Put the 50 States in the correct place.

Free Rice
Practice vocabulary

Interactive Quizzes
Online quizzes for different subjects

Create a Shape Poem
This fun website helps you create your own shape poem.

Create an Acrostic Poem
Create your own acrostic poem using this fun website.

View your favorite story characters like Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, Goosebumps, I Spy, Magic School Bus and Clifford..  Read stories and play games with your favorite characters from these stories.

Work on plot by creating your own comic strip!

Practice Spelling and Vocabulary Words with Games
Super Stacker
Use different shapes to build stacks that will not fall over.  GOOD LUCK!

Fantastic Contraption
A fun online physics game that helps with problem solving.

Everyday Math
Game directions, glossary of vocabulary, museum of student work

AAA Math
Practice of Math Skills

Study Island
PSSA Practice Site

Math games of all types!

Photo of Allison Morehart

Allison Morehart

Guidance Counselor

My career in education began in 1993 upon my graduation from the Pennsylvania State University.…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1105Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

My career in education began in 1993 upon my graduation from the Pennsylvania State University. (Go Lions!) I lived and worked in Dover, DE for the next 12 years while my husband served in the Air Force. During my time in Delaware, I spent two years working with first graders and then made the move to teaching Kindergarten.

I joined the Loyalsock family in January of 2006 once my husband and I moved back to central Pennsylvania to be closer to our families. I was again teaching kindergarten and during this time we adopted our beautiful daughters Emma and Hannah.

In all I taught for 17 happy years before making an exciting professional change to be the second school counselor in our building.   It has now been 6 years that I have worked in my ‘new’ capacity and I continue to feel honored by the gift of working with our students.   We are a school family that truly cares about and values each member of our team.


Photo of Andi Muthler

Andi Muthler

Special Education

Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1347Work Phone: (570) 326-3581