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Savannah Cajka


Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1336Work Phone: (570) 326-3581
Photo of Mrs Vickey Campman

Mrs Vickey Campman

HS Counselor

LTHS Ext 1308
Photo of Alicia Carner

Alicia Carner

Special Education

Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1348Work Phone: (570) 326-3581
Photo of Becky Casale

Becky Casale

8th Grade Reading Teacher

Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolExt. 1233Work Phone: (570) 323-9439
Photo of Annie Comfort

Annie Comfort

Second Grade Teacher

Hi!…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1131Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Hi! I’m Mrs.  Comfort. Here are some facts about me: For the past few years I have been a 4th grade teacher. This year I am excited to be in 2nd grade! I am a Loyalsock graduate myself! I have always wanted to be a teacher and I went to college at Susquehanna University to learn how to be a great teacher. This is my 7th year teaching at Loyalsock. I LOVE to read and share my passion for reading with the kiddos!! Harry Potter is one of my favorite books. I’ve even been to Platform 9 3/4! I love to travel and see the world! I have been to 16 different countries around the world with People to People Student Ambassador Program. And, if you can’t already tell, my favorite color is PINK! I am very excited to teach 2nd grade and I am looking forward to a fantastic year!!

Check out the following things on my website:

  • Visit some great educational websites listed under the Great Websites link for some homework help or more practice with a skill.
  • To see our special schedule click on the schedule link.
  • Click on the Robust Vocabulary link to see the robust vocab for each lesson.
  • You can find my weekly newsletter under the Newsletter link.
  • Click on the Robust Vocab Matching to download matching games.

* We do have snack each day – Its hard to think if our stomachs are growling! Please send a healthy snack to school each day with your child! *


Space Information

These websites have some information you will need to complete your space project.  You need to use at least 3 sources of information:  websites, books, etc.

Websites about the planets:


Planet Powerpoints

Other Useful Information:


Special Schedule

Day 1 – Music
Day 2 – Gym
Day 3 – Art
Day 4 – Gym
Day 5 – Library
Day 6 – Music


Great Websites

States and Capitals Webquest #2

States and Captials Webquest


Everyday Math Online

Dance Mat Typing

Every Day Math Online

EduPup- Math Games

Hooda Math

SumDog- Math Activities and Games

Simple Machines




Photo of Sharon Comini

Sharon Comini

Art Teacher

I have taught art in Florida for thirteen years.…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1147Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

I have taught art in Florida for thirteen years. I believe that Art is the first language of children and that through Art children can express themselves, explore, create, and problem solve. Art is a natural extension of the world around them and children have a natural curiosity about art. In my art classes, even the youngest children will learn about the world around through art. They will learn about the elements of design including color, texture, line, shape, form, value, and space. They will also learn about the principles of design which include: contrast, balance, unity movement, pattern, emphasis, and rhythm. Math, science, and social studies will be integrated into their lesson so that your child will understand that everything they learn about is connected to other things. I look forward to studying the world of art with your child.

If you have any questions about the art program at D.E. Schick Elementary, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 570-326-3554 ext 1147, or at

Art Room Rules

Respect others’ things
Encourage each other
Share your supplies
Everyone’s feelings matter
Clean up after yourself
Take responsibility



About Me:

I am a Pittsburgh native who  has 13 years of experience in Art Education. I have worked in all areas in Art for the Palm Beach County School system, but I am very happy to be working at the elementary level again, which is my favorite place to teach.  I had gotten my B.A. in Art at California University of Pennsylvania, and received masters degree in Multicultural Education from Florida Atlantic University. During my time teaching in Florida, I had taught Art at an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in West Palm Beach.

I  enjoy swimming, biking, painting, ceramics, reading and watching Steeler games with my family.

Photo of Andrew Cook

Andrew Cook

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolExt. 1240Work Phone: (570) 323-9439
Photo of Jennifer Cooley

Jennifer Cooley

Guidance Counselor

Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1104Work Phone: (570) 326-3554
Photo of Amanda Coughenour

Amanda Coughenour


Loyalsock Township Middle School/High SchoolExt. 1360Work Phone: (570) 323-9439
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Ashley Cozza

7th Grade Math Teacher

Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolExt. 1245Work Phone: (570) 323-9439
Photo of Patricia Cozza

Patricia Cozza

District Librarian

Loyalsock Middle School/High School Library The Loyalsock MS/HS Library has many useful resources for all of our patrons, both students and teachers.…Read More
Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1309Work Phone: (570) 326-3581

Loyalsock Middle School/High School Library

The Loyalsock MS/HS Library has many useful resources for all of our patrons, both students and teachers. The library houses approximately 35,000 resources, which includes audio-visual materials.

Technological equipment is available for student and teacher usage. The library has 18 desktop computers using Windows 7 operating system. Desktops are preloaded with productivity software and licensened software products. Laptops with wireless access are available for student use in the library. Both formats have access to multiple reference databases and the internet.

Equipment lending is available for students, such as, calculators and camera equipment. These items are available for use by students enrolled in specific classes. These items require a release form signed by your teacher and your parents.

Below you will find links to important sites that will allow you to access our online catalog, and resources avialable through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These links allow for the use of research databases and access to the statewide interlibrary loan program.

The library staff is eager to help with all of your research, materials and pleasure reading needs. Please feel free to ask Mrs. Cozza for assistance at any time. We will work hard to provide for your resouce needs.

Click here to visit our Library Website Resources

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Carolyn Davis


District Service CenterExt. 1009Work Phone: (570) 326-6508
Photo of Roger Davis

Roger Davis

Mathematics Teacher

Ben Franklin Quote     All Course Information such as syllabus, homework, class materials, class schedule, and class lectures have been moved to the class MOODLE site: If you are a parent, please login into the Moodle course as a GUEST and the password is Lancers.…Read More
Loyalsock Township High SchoolExt. 1341Work Phone: (570) 326-3581

Ben Franklin Quote



All Course Information such as syllabus, homework, class materials, class schedule, and class lectures have been moved to the class MOODLE site:

If you are a parent, please login into the Moodle course as a GUEST and the password is Lancers. You will have access to all materials and assignment for my current classes.
If you have an android, i-pad, or apple iphone, You can download the MyHomework student planner and join my class at Loyalsock Township High School and receive daily updates of all your assignments!!

Download at the apple App Store or Google Play store. Look for this icon: My Homework

Google Playstore MYHomework Link

Apple ITunes MY Homework Link App

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Terri Deitrick

Title 1 Coordinator/Reading Specialist

LTSD - Title I Coordinator K-5 Primary Reading Specialist K-2 Please feel free to visit the Title I Literacy Support ServicesRead More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolTitle IWork Phone: (570) 326-3554 ext. 1117

LTSD – Title I Coordinator K-5
Primary Reading Specialist K-2

Please feel free to visit the Title I Literacy Support Services

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Deanna Dincher

Middle School Art Teacher

Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolExt. 1325Work Phone: (570) 323-9439
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Glenn Drick


Loyalsock Township School DistrictExt. 1395Work Phone: (570) 326-3581
Photo of Kymberly Dunlap

Kymberly Dunlap

Third Grade Teacher

These webpages have been developed as another link between school and home. …Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1118Work Phone: (570) 326-3554
These webpages have been developed as another link between school and home.  I hope these resources are helpful to both students and parents.
I would be happy to communicate with parents through email.  Please feel free to send me an email message.  I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Welcome Information

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  Third grade is such an exciting year in your child’s education, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!  J  I look forward to getting to work with you and your child as the year progresses.  I have outlined a few important things that may answer some of the questions you have.


I will be giving homework Monday-Thursday.  Students will write their homework assignments in their agendas each morning, and they will bring their homework home in their homework folders.  Please sign your child’s agenda every night to indicate that you have seen the assignments.  Because homework is for practicing and reinforcing skills, I do not expect every homework assignment to be perfect!  I do, however, expect the students to apply their best efforts.  J

  • Completed homework = 2 points
  • Partially completed homework, or late homework = 1 point
  • * No homework = 0 points

Behavior Management

I will be using Class Dojo to track student behaviors throughout the school year.  This is a wonderful app that allows me to track behaviors, both positive and negative, quickly and easily throughout the day.  “Dojo Points” will be awarded and students will be able to cash in on their points for various rewards at the end of the week. Parents/Guardians also have the ability to monitor their child’s behaviors.  Please be on the lookout for the information on how to access this awesome feature!

We will also be building “Compliment Chains!”  Each time that the class receives a compliment, I will add a paperclip to the chain.  (For example: Another teacher compliments us on how quietly we walk in the hallway.)  When the chain reaches a certain length, I will treat the students to a special celebration, art project, or chunk of “student choice” time.


We have recess every day after lunch.  Please keep an eye on the weather and make sure your child is dressed appropriately!  Jackets are mandatory during cold temperatures.


This year we have a later lunch (12:15).  I allow the kids to eat a mid-morning snack while they complete their independent work.  If you would like to send a snack for your child, please send something that he/she can keep in their desk until snack time.  (Please do not send candy or chewing gum!)  I usually try to have some extra snacks in the classroom in case someone forgets a snack, but I do rely on donations to keep these “extras” on hand.  J

Student Absences

When your child is absent, please call the absentee line to report your child’s absence.  Then please follow-up with a written excuse including the date and the reason for the absence.


Day 1Art
Day 2Physical Education
Day 3Library with book exchange
Day 4Physical Education
Day 5Music
Day 6Music

Handy Helpers/Parent Volunteers

I love to use family volunteers to help us execute special projects, holiday crafts, etc.   If you’re interested in helping out, please fill out the PTO letter—we’d love to have you!

If you have any questions or would just like to talk to me, please email me at or call at 570-326-3554.   I believe that parent-teacher communication is crucial to your child’s success—we’re a team!  J

Thank you in advance for helping us to enjoy a fantastic year in 3rd grade!  

Do I Need to Buy Supplies

Most of the supplies we will need for Third Grade have been delivered to our classroom.
We have everything from crayons to notebooks, and art supplies to dry erase markers.

Back to school shopping can be so much fun, but please keep these ideas in mind when browsing all those goodies.
Mechanical pencils create lots of problems in our classroom. Please keep them at home to complete homework assignments.
Our desks are not big enough to accommodate extra binders, folders, trapper-keepers, and notebooks. Kiddos won’t need them.
Parents only need to provide their child with a backpack, clean washcloth or sock, and a healthy snack for each day.

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Dan Egly

Business Manager

District Service CenterExt. 1004Work Phone: (570) 326-6508
Photo of Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Ellis

5th Grade Teacher

Hello! …Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1154Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Jennifer Ellis.  I graduated from Lycoming College in 1997 with a degree in Accounting and certification in Elementary Education.  This is my 18th year of teaching in the Loyalsock Township School District.  I taught fourth grade for 2 years, fifth grade math/science for 13 years, and this is my third year as a self-contained fifth grade teacher.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I have five children.  Jaime, who is 13, and Jackson, who is 11, both attend Loyalsockl Middle School.  Julie, who is 8, and Joey, who is 5, attend Schick Elementary.  Finally, Jocelyn is 2 1/2 and goes to preschool.

I love the beach and doing anything outside.   I spend most of my weekends and evenings watching my kids play soccer or basketball. I can’t wait to learn about your hobbies and interests!

I am looking forward to a fun, exciting year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at or 326-3554 X1154. Click on the links to the left to explore the site. Enjoy!

Recommended Supplies
Here is a list of supplies for the upcoming school year.  There are some great sales going on right now and you can purchase most of this for under $5.  I have been hitting sales all summer so if you are not able to get the supplies, don’t worry, I have extras in the class room.

  • 2 single subject spiral notebooks
  • pocket folders
  • composition book

You may also want to purchase the following items.  I have some in the classroom, but not enough for everyone to have their own.

  • highlighter
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • post it notes

Classroom donations

  • dry erase markers
  • snacks (no peanut products)
  • tissues
  • ziploc bags
  • antibacterial wipes

Day Schedule

Day 1 – Music
Day 2 – Gym; Chorus
Day 3 – Art
Day 4 – Music
Day 5 – Gym; Band
Day 6 – Library

Remind 101
Remind 101 is a quick and easy way for me to send you classroom reminders via text messages.  If you would like to sign up to receive these reminders, click the link below.  I will not receive your cell phone number and you are not able to reply to the number.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Sign Up for Remind 101


Notice for Federal Employees and their Families