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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

A New Education Law 

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015, and represents good news for our nation’s schools. This bipartisan measure reauthorizes the 50-year-old Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the nation’s national education law and longstanding commitment to equal opportunity for all students.

The new law builds on key areas of progress in recent years, made possible by the efforts of educators, communities, parents, and students across the country.
For example, today, high school graduation rates are at all-time highs. Dropout rates are at historic lows. And more students are going to college than ever before. These achievements provide a firm foundation for further work to expand educational opportunity and improve student outcomes under ESSA.

The previous version of the law, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, was enacted in 2002. NCLB represented a significant step forward for our nation’s children in many respects, particularly as it shined a light on where students were making progress and where they needed additional support, regardless of race, income, zip code, disability, home language, or background. The law was scheduled for revision in 2007, and, over time, NCLB’s prescriptive requirements became increasingly unworkable for schools and educators. Recognizing this fact, in 2010, the Obama administration joined a call from educators and families to create a better law that focused on the clear goal of fully preparing all students for success in college and careers.  Congress has now responded to that call.  The Every Student Succeeds Act reflects many of the priorities of this administration.

What is Title I?

Title I is a 100% Federally-funded supplemental education program that provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived children. Title I programs are designed to help children meet the state content and performance standards in reading, language arts, and mathematics. In buildings with 40% or more poverty, districts may use the funds to upgrade the entire curriculum of the school and are School-wide Programs. The Loyalsock Township School District operates one Targeted Assistance program at Donald E. Schick Elementary School (K-5).

The Title I Program at Donald E. Schick Elementary

The Donald E. Schick Title I program is a supplemental instructional support program serving students in grades kindergarten through fifth. It is primarily an in-class model with support by a certified reading specialist and highly qualified paraprofessionals.

The goal of the Title I program is to provide students with skills and strategies that will empower them to be confident and successful as they strive to achieve proficiency towards meeting the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. In grades K-3, Title I focuses on fostering the development of the emergent literacy skills that support children in their efforts as they “learn to read.” In grades 4-5, Title I supports students’ independent reading skills and strategies as they “read to learn.”

Students in grades K-5 are eligible to receive the Title I services based on multiple assessment criteria as determined by the Loyalsock Township Local Education Association. Curriculum-based and developmental assessment tasks used to determine Title I eligibility include: comprehension, accuracy, and fluency.

Title I staff and classroom teachers administer school-wide assessments in grades K-5 in the fall, winter, and spring to monitor the students’ progress, strengths, and areas of need. The results of the assessments drive the students’ literacy instruction. District-wide benchmarks have been developed to monitor yearly progress. Students who are not proficient in all assessment areas and who are most in need will receive Title I support. All assessments are aligned to meet the Pennsylvania Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Parent involvement is an integral component of the Title I program. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in parent workshops, training, Title I meetings, and parent-teacher conferences. Parent workshops and reading incentive programs offer several opportunities for parents to learn and model effective reading techniques and strategies with their children at home.

What is Title II?

Title II, Part A, is a 100% Federally funded supplemental educational program that provides financial assistance to improve the skills of teachers and the quality of instruction in core academic subjects in public and private elementary and secondary schools. Title I funds in the district are used to support teachers through an instructional coaching model (K-5), which focuses on preparing and training, highly qualified teachers.

Parents Right-to-Know

ESSA requires the Loyalsock Township School District to notify parents if their child is being taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher in a Title I school or program who does not yet meet the definition of “appropriate state certification”. Title I schools must meet federal regulations related to teacher qualification as defined in ESEA. These regulations allow you to learn more about your child’s teachers’ training and credentials.  If you would like to request this information please call (570)326-6508.

• Whether the teacher met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject he/she is teaching,
• Whether the teacher received an emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and
• What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration.
• What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration.

You may also ask whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional. If your child receives this assistance, we can provide you with information about the paraprofessional’s qualifications.

At any time, parents and family members can request:
• Information on policies regarding student participation in assessments and procedures for opting out.
• Information on required assessments that include:
• subject matter tested,
• purpose of the test,
• source of the requirement (if applicable),
• amount of time it takes students to complete the test, and
• time and format of disseminating results.

Annual Policy Notice

• Parents are sent letters informing them that their child is eligible to participate in Title I.
• Parents are given opportunities to offer suggestions about the planning, development and operation
  of the Title I program during the Fall Open Houses, Parent Teacher Conferences, Parent Teachers Association
  meetings, and through other communications.
• Title I Parents are encouraged to serve on school parent organizations to give Title I feedback.
• Title I Parents will receive student progress reports three times per year. Information will be shared during the       two Parent Teacher conferences and with the beginning, mid-year      and end of year benchmarking periods.
• Parent workshops are planned to provide parents with ways to help their children succeed in school.
• As needed, materials are made available to parents to use with their children at home to reinforce what the     children are learning in reading and writing at school.
• As necessary, parents will be contacted and invited to volunteer in the classes.
• Complaints regarding Title I will follow the district’s Complaint Procedure policy.

If you have any questions about the Title I Parent Policy or would like to serve on a district-wide Title I Parent Council, please contact Mrs. Deitrick, Title I Coordinator.
If you have questions about Title I at Donald E. Schick Elementary School or would like to volunteer to help with Title I, please contact Mrs. Terri Deitrick, Title I Coordinator or Mrs. Suzanne Foresman, the principal.

Title I Parent Involvement Policies & Home-to-School Compacts

Title I Parent Involvement Policies & Home -to-School Compacts

Title I stresses the priority of home and school working together in collaboration. Each year, every school that receives Title I services solicits input on the Home-to-School Compact Policy with their working parent organization such as PTO, PTA, PTAC, etc. Each school develops jointly, with parents of children participating in Title I, a written School Parental Involvement Policy that describes how the school will carry out the parental involvement requirements including the development of a School–Parent Compact. Schools must update these policies periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.

The School Parent Involvement Policy and Compact is developed with feedback from parents through their participation in PTA/PTO/PTAC meetings, annual school open house events, Title I events, Title I/school surveys, and parent teacher conferences. Parents are surveyed annually to assess their satisfaction and give suggestions on the Title I program. The Policy is written and distributed using an understandable format and is provided in a language parents understand. If it is not, parents may request an alternate form or support from school personnel.

Title I Policy Statements 2017-2018

  1. Parents/Guardians will be notified that their child is eligible for Title I services.  Notification will be sent by letter describing the program briefly and explaining why the child was selected.  Parents/guardians will be given the option of signing out of the program.
  2. Midyear and end of year progress reports will be sent home to parents/guardians.
  3. Parent/guardian and Title I teacher conferences will be scheduled on an as needed basis.
  4. Title I teachers will schedule conferences with classroom teachers to discuss progress of each Title I student.
  5. Title I teachers will arrange workshops or provide parents/guardian with suggested activities and resources to promote at-home reading practice.
  6. Administrators and Title I teachers will meet with Title I parents/guardians to review the Title I program and to solicit suggestions in program planning and implementation.  Recommendations will be considered.

Title I Home-to-School Compact




Donald E. Schick 

Title I Home-to-School Compact


Title I Teacher:

I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and my role as a teacher and model.  Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. To provide high quality instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that will enable success for your child.
  2. To be aware of the educational needs of your child.
  3. To regularly communicate with you and the regular classroom teacher on your child’s progress.

Title I Teacher _______________________Date ___________________

Classroom Teacher _____________________Date ___________________


I realize that my education is important.  I know that I am responsible for my own success. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities:

  1. Get to school on time.
  2. Be responsible for my own behavior.
  3. Pay attention and do my work.
  4. Return completed homework on time.
  5. Ask for help, when needed.
  6. Be respectful to teachers, school personnel, other students and school property.

Student _____________________________Date ___________________


I realize the importance of working cooperatively with the school.  I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude.  Therefore, I join with the Loyalsock Township School District by carrying out the following responsibilities:

  1. Make sure my child gets adequate nutrition.
  2. Make sure my child gets enough sleep each night.
  3. Make sure my child gets to school on time.
  4. Spend at least 15 minutes each day reading with my child.
  5. Go over my child’s assignments with him/her.
  6. Give my child a quiet place to study.
  7. Attend open house, workshops, conferences and Title I meetings.

Parent/Guardian ___________________________Date ______________

Please sign and return



Title I News

We have a new Reading Specialist in Title I this year!

Mrs. Lynn Wood


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