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Special Scout Pride

Troop 411 is an amazing Scout Troop that has recently come together. Troop 411 is only special needs Boy Scout troop east of Pittsburgh.

A traditional unit does not allow Scouts to participate past the age of 18, but the members of Troop 411 will be allowed to remain as long as possible until they attain the Eagle rank. Despite their special challenges, they are required to reach the same benchmarks to advance as traditional Scouts, with some adaptations permitted depending on disability.

The Troop is able to work collaboratively and engage with others with a similar goal as they learn to build fire, set up a camp site, shoot a weapon and tie a slipknot, all the normal scouting activities.

Scouts from outside the Seven Bridges District are welcome into Troop 411. Currently, the troop has 10 members between the age of 15 and 62 who meet twice a month.

Click here to read more about Troop 411 or visit their facebook.

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