Car Riders Pickup Procedures

Procedures for car rider pick-up at dismissal time:

  • All car riding students will be dismissed from the school gymnasium on a daily basis at 2:45 PM.
  • We do not open the gate until 2:30 PM. It is a safety concern if the parking lot entrance is blocked.  If you arrive prior to 2:30 PM and you block the parked cars, you will be asked to move your vehicle.
  • If you are picking up your child at dismissal, you will have two choices:
    1. Remain in your vehicle and post a placard with your child’s last name in the driver’s side window. We will dismiss your child to walk to your car.
    2. Park your vehicle, walk to the designated line, and give the school personnel your child’s last name. Your child will be dismissed from the gym.  Once you have picked up your child, please exit promptly and keep your child/children with you at all times.  You are now responsible for their safety.

If you do not have a placard with your child’s last name, please contact the office or your child’s teacher.


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Visitors for Athletic Events – Entrance to the district will be from Northway Road on to Loyalsock Ave. All entrances to the district off Four Mile Drive will be closed. Parking is available at both the high school and middle school.