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LTMS Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Click here to view the LTMS Traffic Flow Map.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

1) ARRIVE EARLY:  School begins at 7:45 AM. A lot of issues regarding tardy-to-school and a potential for attendance consequences are created when students are dropped off very close to the time first period begins. All students NEED to be in their first period classrooms by 7:45 AM for attendance.

Students may enter the Middle School Commons at 7:30 each morning. The atrium doors open for middle school students at 7:00.

2) DO NOT CHANGE LANES:  The car line for drop-off is single file. It is the right lane next to the sidewalks by the school. The adjacent left lane is for the use of high school parents who have dropped off their 9-12 graders at the high school door.

Changing lanes creates a potential hazard for students exiting the car on the left side. Encourage your child to exit the right side of the car.

3) LET YOUR STUDENT OUT:  Please pull your vehicle as far up as possible (to the stop sign). Please do not wait to drive your student to the entrance. When you are within the two entrances, please let your student(s) out. Students should walk to the front door and do not need to be dropped off right at the front entrance. Please follow this procedure even in bad weather conditions.   

 The MS entrance and the MS/HS Sports entrance is your guide to allow students to exit the vehicle. DO NOT drop-off students until reaching the Sports entrance. Using this procedure allows more students to exit their vehicles simultaneously, versus one at a time.

4) FOLLOW THE DROP OFF LINE:  There have been several close calls with vehicles who decided to drop-off either in the parking lot, by the bus barn, or in other unsafe areas. Please follow the drop-off procedures. We understand everyone has somewhere to be, but please keep to these procedures for the safety of our students.

5) PARKING LOT (NO THRU TRAFFIC):  The parking lot is for Staff, Student and Visitor Parking Only. NO THRU TRAFFIC WILL BE ALLOWED THROUGH THE PARKING LOT for drop off (or pick up). Also, the bus barn area is not allowed for drop off (or pick up) either.  Multiple safety reason exist for this reason. Violators will be cited.

Please note that those found not following the guidelines will/can be cited by a school police officer for violating school procedures.

It takes on average three minutes in the morning to follow the established procedures.



Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

 The following are some guidelines to follow during the afternoon pick-up procedures to help minimize potential hazards:

DO NOT PICK-UP IN PARKING LOT:  High School Students and faculty use the parking lot outside of the middle school. At dismissal, cars exiting the parking lot can become a major issue with student safety. To alleviate this issue, we will ask parents picking up their students to remain in the pick-up line. You may arrive earlier, but it only takes 7-8 minutes for 98% of students to be picked up. We pride ourselves in efficiently and safely releasing students after school.

STUDENTS NEED TO USE CROSSWALKS:  We will require all students and staff to use the crosswalks.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the concern for our students.

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