Grades 6-8 Chorus

Grade 6 Chorus

Syllabus Addendum

During their time in the 6th Grade Chorus, students get their first taste of singing at the middle school level. The young singer learn about vocal technique and music literacy while enjoying the joys of music-making and navigating the complexities accompanying the physical changes of adolescence (Yes, both boys and girls experience changes to their voice!).

Grades 7-8 Chorus

Syllabus Addendum

This ensemble is open to all students in 7th and 8th grade who enjoy singing as a part of a group. It is during these years that our students learn the most about the importance of community and hard work. Empowered with these values, the students are able to have a great time making music together while preparing themselves for the multitude to ways they can be involved in the vocal music program in high school. This years 7th and 8th Grade Chorus boast a membership of 100+ of enthusiastic and talented young musicians.

Additional Information

  • Vocal Music Parent Survey
  • Vocal Music Student Survey
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Visitors for Athletic Events – Entrance to the district will be from Northway Road on to Loyalsock Ave. All entrances to the district off Four Mile Drive will be closed. Parking is available at both the high school and middle school.