Introductory Spanish

Grades 7-8 

Students perform simple communicative tasks using single words such as naming articles in the classroom or listing their favorite foods. Students also use common phrases and expressions to complete simple tasks such as saying “good morning” and stating their name, age, and where they live. Our course objective is that students use selected words, phrases, and expressions with no major repeated patterns of error.
Spanish I

SPN 781 (1.0 Credits)

The course objective is for students to use sentences and strings of sentences, and re-combinations of learned words, phrases, and expressions. Throughout the course, students begin to create new combinations of the language they have learned in previous levels.

Spanish II

SPN 782 (1.0 Credits)

Spanish II is a continuation of Spanish I with the vocabulary and grammar becoming more difficult.  Students continue to use sentences and strings of sentences, and recombinations of learned words, phrases, and expressions. The objective is to foster the development of longer paragraphs, using a wider-range of vocabulary and more advanced grammatical concepts. It is highly suggested students have at least an 80% average in Level II in order to continue to Spanish III.


Spanish III
SPN 783 (1.0 Credits)

In Spanish III, students will learn to use sentences and strings of sentences, and fluid sentence-length and paragraph-length messages. Students are able to produce and comprehend fluid sentence-length and paragraph-length messages. It is highly suggested students have at least an 85% average in Level III to continue to Spanish IV.


Honors Spanish IV

SPN 784 (1.0 Credits)

Students will be able to use sentences, strings of sentences, fluid sentence-length, paragraph-length, and essay-length messages to convey ideas in the target language.

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