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Scholarships and Lettering


If you would like to apply for a varsity letter for Odyssey of the Mind, please fill out the Lettering Form.

Loyalsock Senior Award

Every year the Loyalsock Township School District OotM program gives a $500 award to a high school graduating senior who has participated as an Odyssey of the Mind team member for three or more years.  The years do not have to be consecutive. The award may be used for public, private or community colleges, universities and specialized schools or training programs.

Each student must complete a Senior Award Application. In addition to the completed application form, each student must submit an original written Spontaneous Problem with all the props for the problem. This problem can be hands-on or verbal hands-on.

Applications and problems are judged by members of the OotM Support Board on their creativity, completeness and uniqueness.

Deadline for application is April 26.

Winners are notified at Senior Awards Night.

Line Mountain Scholarship

Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind awards the Line Mountain Scholarship in memory of several young members of its Odyssey family who died in a tragic accident in March 1998. This annual scholarship of $2,500 is awarded to one or more Pennsylvania High School Senior who embodies the spirit and creativity of OotM.

The applicant must:
• Have participated on a team for three or more years that competed at a regional tournament.  At least two of those years must have occurred in Pennsylvania. Documentation of participation is required.
• Be a high school student who will be attending a postsecondary institution for the next academic year.
• Be continuing his/her education and present written acceptance from a postsecondary institution for an academic year within one year of the date of high school graduation.
• Display the Spirit of Odyssey of the Mind and submit a letter from a coach or membership contact person describing that spirit.
• Solve the given problem. This problem changes every year.
• Include a valid e-mail address and phone number with submission.

View the 2020 Problem here.  Visit the Application Page to submit your application. Each applicant must have a coach or other Odyssey contact submit a Letter of Recommendation on their behalf. This letter can be submitted here by the letter-writer.

For more information about the scholarship, visit the PA Odyssey Scholarships page.

Deadline for application is typically March 21, 2020.

Winners will be announced at the PA State Finals Award Ceremony. 

Creative Opportunities Unlimited Individual Scholarship

Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU) is an organization that aims to support teams, program participants and Associations participating in the Odyssey of the Mind program by providing scholarships, financial assistance, and other services, in order to enable them to succeed in their continued quest for creativity and excellence.

Creative Opportunities Unlimited is pleased to offer several financial scholarships that can be applied toward the cost of obtaining an education at any university, college, community college, or specialized school.  The application process for each of the individual scholarships is the same (see directions below), and from the pool of applicants, a board of qualified reviewers will select as many participants as possible to receive financial rewards.  Scholarship amounts often range from $250 up to $1,000 and are awarded based on a variety of criteria including commitment to and involvement in the Odyssey of the Mind program, intentions to continue as an Odyssey of the Mind participant/volunteer, and career or life plans directly related to one’s involvement in Odyssey of the Mind.

To be considered for an individual scholarship, please follow the instructions below:
(1) Gather information about your participation in Odyssey of the Mind including: # of years involved, which problems you solved, and any special awards or accomplishments.

(2) Obtain a letter of recommendation from an Odyssey of the Mind coach, high school administrator, teacher, or college professor.  The letter should be no more than one page, double-spaced or hand-printed and available as an digital document (.doc, .pdf). You will upload this during the application process.

(3) Write a response to each of the following three questions.  Your response may take any form, format, or style you wish, but your response should be limited to no more than 350 words per question. There are text boxes on the application that will allow you to copy and paste your answers, as well as a file upload feature that will accept most typical file types:

Question 1: How has Odyssey of the Mind changed your life?
Question 2: How will you continue to use what you have learned in Odyssey of the Mind in your day-to-day life?
Question 3: How will you give back to Odyssey of the Mind so others may benefit from the program?

(4) Use the above information to fill out the Application 

Deadline for application is February 15th at 11:59pm.

Winners will be posted on the COU website by April 30th.  

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