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Ashley Nagele

Fourth Grade Teacher

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Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1123Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

Hello all! I am beyond excited to be your fourth grade teacher this year. We are in for a lot of changes and growing together as we make our way through this new schoolyear. Rest assured though that we will have a blast learning and developing together this year! 🙂

I am a Muncy High School graduate (2004) and a Bloomsburg University Graduate (2008) with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education. I currently live in Montgomery with my fiance, Matthew and my beautiful two year old daughter, Jocelyn. Matthew and I will be getting married this December. I can’t wait until I come back to school and confuse you all with my name change. My new name will be Mrs. Nagele. Trust me, it will take awhile for us ALL to get used to it. We have two four-legged fur babies named Titus and Mocha. Titus is our cat who absolutely LOVES to cuddle and sleep in sinks. Mocha is our chocolate lab who is insanely spoiled!

Classroom Rules

  1. Always do your best!
  2. Listen when someone is speaking.
  3. Follow directions
  4. Keep to your own space and respect other’s property.
  5. Raise your hand and ask to get out of your seat.

Students are to follow these classroom rules at all times.

They are also expected to follow the LANCER CODE:

  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible
  • Be safe
  • Always be my best

O.W.L. (Organized While Learning)

In our classroom, I am always urging the students to be Organized.  To help us with this task, I have asked you to supply TWO one inch binders.  One of those binders will be used as an O.W.L binder. This keeps them Organized While Learning.  In their O.W.L. binder, they will house the following items:

  • PSSA Bellringers
  • DLR
  • any other bellringers
  • Classwork Folder (all things that we are currently working on are kept in this folder)
  • Centers Folder
  • Math Fact Rockets

This binder will remain at school for the children to access daily.

Our Specials Schedule

  • Day 1 – Art
  • Day 2 – P.E.
  • Day 3 – Chorus/Music
  • Day 4 – Band/Library
  • Day 5 – P.E.
  • Day 6 – Music


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Lisa Newton

Fourth Grade Teacher

First of all, I love working here at Schick Elementary!…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1125Work Phone: (570) 326-3554

First of all, I love working here at Schick Elementary! I am fortunate to have fabulous students, supportive families, and dedicated coworkers.

Ever since I was in Kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I even asked for a chalkboard for Christmas that year! 🙂 I earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with minors in Reading Education and Special Education from Lock Haven University in 2006, and I recently completed my Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Penn State University in 2015.

Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, making crafts, and traveling. I also like to take pictures, play ball with my dog (Ozzie), and spend time with my amazing friends and family.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns and feedback. I look forward to hearing from you!


Classroom Rules & Procedures

In our classroom and our whole school, we strive to be LANCERS! 🙂

“We could learn a lot from crayons!”

Some are sharp, some are pretty,
and some are dull.
Some have weird names,
and they are all different colors…

but they have all learned
to live in the same box.


Homework Information

Homework is a valuable instructional tool!  🙂

  • Homework reinforces skills and concepts taught in class.
  • Homework ndicates areas of instruction that need to be retaught or revisited.
  • Homework allows family members to observe what their student is learning in school, and interact in the learning process.

Most nights, students will have two (2) homework assignments.  Students will record their homework each morning in their agendas.  This indicates that students are taking responsibility for their assignments, and the agenda serves as a communication tool between home and school.

I do not grade students’ homework with a percentage grade because I do not expect students to achieve perfection every night—after all, homework is for practice and reinforcement!

Instead, I grade students on a simple 2 point scale. I am looking for evidence of the skill being assessed, the student’s ability to read and follow directions, and the student’s “bestest” effort.


2 points
  • Homework is completed with what appears to be the student’s “best” effort.
    • e.g. student has checked his/her work, written neatly, put his/her name on the paper, and followed directions.
  • Homework is turned in on time.
1 point
  • Homework is partially completed.
  • Homework does not evidence the student’s “best effort”.
    • e.g. the student’s handwriting is difficult to decipher, the student did not follow directions, or the student obviously did not check his/her work before turning it in.
    • Homework is late.
0 points
  • Student fails to turn in the homework assignment.
  • Student does not get the late homework to me by Friday of that week.

Fun Websites & Games
This website is currently used in the school curriculum to review Math and Language Arts content that will appear on the PSSA.  Students can work through lessons in various topics and play games to reinforce skills and concepts at their own speed and ability-level.

Note:  Students in 3rd grade and higher are trained to complete the log-in procedure independently.  If needed, just remind them that their user names are their “lunch numbers.”  🙂
This is our new favorite resource for practicing mathematical skills.  It has tons of cool games!!!!
Fractions, time, money, patterns, measurement, place value…you name it, this site has it!  Plus, most games include options to adjust the skills levels.

Additional games are available for other topics:  Science (life cycles, animal classification, etc.), Geography (identify states & rivers, etc.), and fun brain-games (seek-and-finds, memory, etc.).
This is our new favorite resource for practicing grammar skills!

It has some cool games that reinforce capitalization, editing, and identifying parts of speech.
Also has some brain-teasers like crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and hangman.
This gaming site features language arts, math, and geography games.  You can practice synonyms & antonyms, parts of speech, state capitals, money, time, addition, multiplication, etc.
This site comes highly recommended by all the third graders in our class!  🙂  It has loads of games to address many 3rd grade skills, including:

  • Multiplication
  • Word meanings
  • Spelling
This literacy website is jam-packed with plenty of games to keep kids entertained…and keeps them learning, too!

You can practice spelling, prefixes & suffixes, homophones, compound words, and much more!
Check out this interactive model of the water cycle!!  🙂
Students are loving all the math games on this site!  They can practice:

  • Identifying geometric shapes
  • Counting money
  • Rounding/Estimating …and much more!


Design-Your-Own-Seussical Quote! 🙂

You’re going to love this! 🙂

Photo of Mrs. Lisa Novotny

Mrs. Lisa Novotny

First Grade Teacher

Welcome to Mrs.…Read More
Donald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1137Work Phone: (570) 326-3554 EXT 1137

Welcome to Mrs. Novotny’s 1st Grade Classroom


About Me

I look forward to working with your children. Thank you for sharing them with myself and the Loyalsock Township School District. It is the place to be:)

This will be my 26th year teaching and my 14th year at Donald E. Schick Elementary School. I have taught Kindergarten for 6 years and 1st grade for 15 years and have really enjoyed it. My teaching experiences have placed me in Preschool, Pre-K, Grades 2, 3, 4 and 6-8 including 7th grade Life Science and World History.

I graduated from Clarion University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education. My studies continued at Duquesne University and I.U.P. for certification in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading at Bloomsburg University.

My family consists of my husband, Kevin who is a Funeral Director, my daughter, Chelsea who is studying to be an elementary teacher, and my son who is a Sailor in the United States Navy.

My passions are spending time with my family, reading, and scrap-booking.


ABC’s of First Grade – Classroom Policies & Procedures

Here is a link that explains my classroom policies and procedures. – The ABCs of First Grade

2018/2019  Related Arts “Specials” Schedule

Day 1 – iplay & Music
Day 2 – Gym/Guidance
Day 3 – Music
Day 4 – Gym
Day 5 – Library
Day 6 – Art

First Grade Literacy Terminolology

Accuracy                                             Affix
Antonym                                             Author’s Purpose
Autobiography                                   Biography
Cause and Effect                               Compare
Compound Word                              Conclusion
Conflict/Problem                              Context Clues
Contrast                                              Conventions of Language
Dialogue                                              Evaluate
Exaggeration                                      Fable
Fairy Tale                                            Fiction
Genre                                                   Graphic Organizer
Homophone                                       Inference
Inflectional Ending                           Informational Text
Literary Devices                                 Literary Elements
Multiple Meaning Words                 Nonfiction
Onomatopoeia                                    Pattern Book
Phonics                                                 Plot
Poetry                                                    Possessive
Prefix                                                     Venn Diagram
Problem/Solution                               Reading Rate
Research                                               Retell
Rhyme                                                   Rhythm
Root Words                                          Self Monitor
Setting                                                   Story Map
Suffix                                                     Style


Grade One Mathematics Vocabulary

Addend                       Analog time
Cone                            Congruent
Cube                            Cylinder
Equation                     Equation
Equivalent                  Fact Family
Function Machine     Hexagon
Line                              Line Segment
Mode                            Number Line
Number Sentence      Number Story
Parallelogram             Perimeter
Pictograph                   Pyramid
Rectangular Prism     Rhombus
Right Triangle             Sphere
Tally Chart                   Trapezoid


Everyday Math Games
The following links are for Everyday math games that the students have learned in class and that can be played at home for additional practice.

Addition Top-It



A friend is a person who wishes you well.
And keeps all the secrets that you like to tell.

Friends share their toys and their storybooks too,
Friends can be older or younger than you.

Friends can be real or made up in your mind,
But they’re alway thoughtful and always kind.

Friends can live nearby or very, very far,
But your friends are your friends, wherever you are!
–Risa Jordan


To A Friend

Let’s arrange to exchange kids
love and laughter
now and after.
–Helen H. Moore


Educational Links

Family Education – First Grade
This site helps with the first day jitters and the expectations of being a first grader and more.

Balanced Literacy
Balanced Literacy Curriculum

StoryTown – Parent Resources
There is information on this site that helps you help your child become a great student.

Everyday Math FAQ
This link will help answer frequently asked questions regarding Everyday Math.

AAA Math
Students may work on grade level in various areas of Math.

National Geographic for Kids
This site has a lot of information relating to our science and social studies curriculum. Have fun exploring!

There are many literacy activities that are very beneficial to a Kindergartner and a first grader.

I Can Read
This website is sponsored by Harper Collins Publishing Company. There are many activities that are literature based that encourage reading as well as using the reading strategies that are taught in 1st grade:) Many of the stories that are presented are read in 1st grade.

Fun Brain
Have fun exploring this website!

ABCya! Elementary Computer Games and Activities for K-5.
Games and activities include: alphabetical order, upper-case and lower-case letters, counting numbers, connect the dots, numerical order, shapes, additon, e-storybooks and holiday games.

Science Fusion
Science Fusion is a comprehensive print and digital curriculum solution that provides multi-modal options for teachers to engage students in exciting, investigation-based learning. The effective, research-based program is easy to implement and fun to teach and for students to use.




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