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Classroom Parent


Thank you for volunteering! It is a wonderful way to get involved in your child’s education. We ask that you adhere to the follow guidelines. Please ask any officer if you have a question.

1. Attend all board meetings. If you are unable to attend, get in touch with any officer. If you are unable to get in touch with an officer before the meeting, contact one as soon as possible afterwards. You will be given an agenda from the meeting so that you will know what was discussed and decided.

2. In the event of bad weather, we will reschedule meetings as seems necessary. The officers will try to contact everyone if we have to cancel due to weather. If you have any doubts about the weather, call any officer before leaving home. If school is announced as being closed the next day, the meeting will not be held because this means the maintenance crews are not able to clear the driveways and walkways to the school. We will do our best to reschedule at a convenient time.

3. If you are going to be in the school and have contact with the students, please remember to follow the sign-in procedures. Also, it is a state requirement that anyone who has contact with the students have current TB testing registered by the school nurse. Please call her to arrange a mutually convenient time. We also request that anyone who has contact with students have Act 34 Clearance. Please keep in mind that this is done to protect our children. You many get the form from the PTO President or the School District Office. Volunteers also need Act 151 Clearance.

4. Try to get to know your teacher. Some like a lot of parent involvement and others prefer little involvement. Find our what your teacher might like for help during the year.

5. When you are given your list of grade parents, contact them as soon as you can. Introduce yourself, give them your phone number and let them know how many other parents have volunteered. Try to see if there is something going on with them to limit their times in school and build that into your schedule of calls. Also, try to explain how much help you may be needing from them during the year. Fifth grade teachers usually prefer minimal involvement in the class, so let the parents know this. They may wish to volunteer in other areas if they are anxious to get into the school. Invite them to attend our Board meetings. The Board meetings are open to all parents/guardians. We encourage involvement.

6. Contact other room parents as needed for school activities. Tell them to contact you if they have a last minute problem and cannot help. Please contact an officer if you need any additional help. If a parent approaches you and is interested in helping, tell them that you will contact them later. You should then contact the PTO President to get approval. If you cannot reach the President, call your Vice-President or the Principal. There are a few cases in which certain people would not be considered appropriate to have contact with the children. Although this is rare, we do not want to have any problems.

7. It is almost impossible to spend time in the school and not eventually overhear something of a confidential nature. Please be certain to keep any information confidential! If you have concerns, please contact the Principal or PTO President.

8. The PTO will supply the drinks, treats, paper cups, and napkins for the holiday treats. The Treat Committee will take care of delivering the treats.

Enjoy the year and feel free to contact us with any questions, complaints, problems or suggestions. We are always looking for additional help on various projects. Call if you can help or know of someone else who might be interested. Thank you.

Downloadable Guidelines


Volunteer Guidelines

Dear Parent Volunteer,

We are so thankful for your interest in volunteering at Donald E. Schick Elementary School. Our school volunteers are an invaluable resource, helping to make many learning activities and school functions possible. For the safety and security of our school, we must monitor the visitors and volunteers who enter our building. If you will be volunteering in the school building on a regular basis (once a week or more), you will be required to complete a Donald E. Schick School Volunteer Application. This application as well as a copy of your driver’s license will be kept on file in the office for identification purposes.

After your application has been accepted and is on file, you will be expected to sign in at the office when you arrive to volunteer. School volunteers will have a separate sign-in binder, and you will sign in on your own personal page so that your hours can be tracked. You will be given a volunteer badge before you go to the classroom to volunteer.

Again, we thank you for your willingness to invest your time and energy in making our school the best it can be! Thank you for cooperating with our security and record-keeping procedures in an effort to keep our students and staff members safe. We are looking forward to another successful and fun year at Schick Elementary with your cooperation and support.

Yours in education,

Suzanne Foresman, Principal

Preston Shellenberger, Assistant Principal

Volunteer Opportunities

The Donald E. Schick Elementary School PTO is always looking for volunteers. Below is a list of some of the opportunities available. Please contact the PTO if you are interested in volunteering.

General Volunteers Volunteer to assist the PTO on an as needed basis.
Classroom Parent Help Teachers organize volunteers with special classroom events.  Update classroom parents of current and upcoming activities.  Prepare Box Tops twice per year and collect classroom pictures for year book committee.  Attend 4 PTO meetings per school year.
Classroom Volunteers Assist in classroom with learning centers, field trips, special events, etc.
Treat Coordinator Purchase and distribute the Holiday treat that PTO provides four times per year.  Attend four PTO meetings per year.
Activity Day Chairman Heads the Student Activity Day Committee.  Plans and organizes Activity Day.  Attend four PTO meetings per year.
Activity Day Committee
Committee should consist of several parents to plan and coordinate Student Activity Day with the Chairman.
Activity Day Volunteers Setup, work games, craft tables, food concessions and clean up on Activity Day.
Fundraiser Unloading and sorting products into classroom groups upon delivery.
Fundraiser Distribution Help with distribution of products after school through early evening.
Kindergarten Registration/Step into Kindergarten Help parents complete forms during registration and assist with screening of new students.
RIF Distribution Help children select books, which are distributed three times per school year.
Library Will be contacted by the librarian to help with the basic work in the library.
Box Top Coordinator Collect Box Tops for Education Labels to submit for reimbursement for cash for the school.  Attend four PTO meetings.
Teacher Appreciation Coordinator One coordinator needed to head a small committee for teacher appreciation week.  Attend four PTO meetings.
Fall Festival Coordinator Purchase and distribute supplies needed for activities for Fall Festival.  This person needs to attend any and all meetings with teachers and staff concerning the event and remain at school the entire day to make sure the event is successful.  Attend 4 PTO meetings per year.
Yearbook Coordinator Assemble and design yearbook by selecting a core group of people to assist in process.  Attend four PTO meeting per year.
Book Fair Volunteers Work Fall and Spring book fairs to benefit Visiting Artist Committee.  Volunteers will assist children in purchasing and selecting books.
Fifth Grade Trip Coordinator A fifth grade parent/guardian to assist the principal and fifth grade teachers with the annual trip to Knoebels Grove.
Fifth Grade Trip Chaperons Fifth grade parents/guardians are needed to supervise and chaperon an assigned small group of children for the day at Knoebels Grove.  Also, two parents per hour are needed to man the pavilion with the school nurse.
Fifth Grade Awards Fifth grade parent/guardian to work with PTO board and fifth grade teachers in preparing multi-purpose room for graduation.
Fifth Grade Picnic Two parents to organize picnic that immediately follows the awards ceremony.
Playground Volunteers Parents needed to help supervise playground area.  Monday – Friday, 11:30 – 1:15.  Please specify the day(s) you are available.
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