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Mrs. Campbell

Kelly Jameson-Campbell

Kindergarten TeacherDonald E. Schick Elementary SchoolExt. 1140

Work Phone: (570) 326-3554 #1140 


Welcome to my Kindergarten website!  I began my teaching career at Schick in 2003 and I truly love every minute of teaching young children.  Our days are filled with learning and hard work as the students blossom into readers, writers, and thinkers.

Our reading curriculum is jam packed with rich literacy experiences.  We use the Harcourt, Story Town series in conjunction with Guided Reading and Fundations Phonics.  The use of these programs helps us to provide effective reading instruction at each student’s developmental level.  We also use the a school wide reading program to build a love of reading in our students through successful independent reading.

Writing is a big step in Kindergarten.  During the year we work on students mastering writing a story.  Students will learn to write and tell a story across three or more pages.

Through the use of Everyday Mathematics our Kindergarteners are exposed to many hands on math experiences.  Everyday Mathematics uses a spiral curriculum that ensures students are frequently reviewing and practicing skills.  The program uses activities and games to create a fun filled learning environment.

Throughout the year we will use Fusion Science.  Each student has a workbook with lessons pages they can write one.  Students will bring home these colorful lesson pages to share with you after we complete each lesson.  Many experiments and online activities add to the fun and excitement of Science.  Your child is sure to love it!

Our days are packed with activities and all students are sure to find something in our day that they truly love.


Link to Harcourt, Story Town Reading:
Link to Scholastic Guided Reading:

Link to Heggerty Phonemic Awareness:

Math Practice

Build a Train Adding Games
Monster Squeeze Number Game 1-10
Spin a Number
Name that number
Reading Practice
Counting Syllables
Rhyming Practice
Beginning Consonant Identification
Ending Consonant Identification
Beginning , Middle, and Ending Sound Identification
Beginning Reader Practice Books
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