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Grade 6 Team

 Material List

The following is a list of recommended 6th grade level school supplies which your child will need to begin the school year. Additional supplies may be required throughout the school year.

  • Composition notebook: 1 for ELA
  • Pocket folders: 1 for social studies, 1 for ELA writing, 1 for science, 1 for related arts, 1 for extra/take home papers (5 total)
  • Half-inch or one-inch binder for math
  • Pencils (2 packages)
  • Earbuds to keep w/iPad
  • Zipper pouch for supplies
  • Highlighter(s)
  • Colored pencils (8-12 pack)
  • Glue stick


  • Personal bottle of hand sanitizer
  • Drawstring bag for materials 
  • Water bottle

Find the proper assignment placing by asking your instructor.

Grade 6 Team  Staff:  To contact a teacher please call 570-323-9439 with extension or send an email.

Ms. W. Antonacci (Social Studies)       Ext. 1223  Email:  

Mrs. N. Muthler (Learning Support)   Ext. 1219   Email:

Mr. N. Hessert (Science)                        Ext. 1224 Email:

Mrs. R. Kendall ( ELA Reading)           Ext. 1242  Email:

Mrs. S. Mitstifer (ELA Writing)            Ext. 1241  Email:

Mr. C. Weaver (Mathematics)                Ext. 1222  Email:


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