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Grade 7 Team

 Material List:
  • Three (3) ring binders – Some students like to have one large binder & others prefer multiple smaller ones to organize by class
  • Wide-ruled loose leaf paper
  • 2 different color highlighters
  • Pencils & erasers
  • Ear buds to use with ipads
  • 8-12 colored pencils
  • A box of tissues or pencils to share with your class

All homework will be posted through Moodle or My Homework App. Find the proper assignment placing by asking your instructor.

Grade 7 Team  Staff:  To contact teacher please call 570-323-9439 with extension or send an email.

Mrs. E. Baumunk (Mathematics)     Ext. 1245  Email:  ebaumunk@loyalsocklancers.org

Mr. A. Cook (Social Studies)              Ext. 1240  Email:  acook@loyalsocklancers.org

Mrs. V. Krout (ELA Writing)              Ext. 1249  Email:  vkrout@loyalsocklancers.org

Mrs. S. Puderbach (Science)               Ext. 1244  Email:  spuderbach@loyalsocklancers.org

Mrs. S. Riggs (ELA Reading)              Ext. 1246  Email:  sriggs@loyalsocklancers.org

Ms. J. Ziminski (Learning Support)  Ext. 1232  Email:  jziminski@loyalsocklancers.org

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