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Grade 8 Team


Homework Policy

Our goal is to help students realize the importance of being responsible by completing all assignments on time. However, if assignments are not submitted on time, we still strongly recommend students complete all assigned work to promote understanding. Our policy is designed to provide a transition from middle school homework expectations to those of the high school. At the discretion of the teacher, incomplete or missing assignments may be submitted for partial credit by the beginning of the next day’s class. After that, students receive zero credit. The late penalty for major projects will be at the discretion of the teacher. All assignments are due at the time they are collected. From that moment on, they are considered late.

Absentee Policy

Students who have been absent are expected to find out what they have missed. It is the student’s, not the teacher’s, responsibility for making arrangements to make up the work missed. They may visit each teacher’s web page either from home or immediately upon returning to school. Students could contact their homework buddy or visit with the teacher at a mutually convenient time. Some teacher web pages even provide the hand-outs for students to print on their own and the notes for students to view and copy.

Students who have missed tests or quizzes or who were absent when an assignment was collected will have the same number of days as they were absent to make sure the work is turned in or the test made up. If a student is absent for three or more than three days, the student must make an appropriate, reasonable schedule for completion of any work missed with each teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for test or quiz make-ups within that time period. Teachers will not remind 8th grade students to take care of this responsibility. After the appropriate time period has passed, assignments that have not been made up will be given zeros. Note: students are responsible for work from all classes as long as they were in school for any portion of the school day even if they came late or left early. These will not be acceptable excuses for failing to have assignments complete or being unprepared for announced quizzes and tests.

Material List:
  • Pencils
  • Ear Buds for use with ipads
  • 3 One inch – 3 ring binders
  • Stylus (optional)
  • 1 Composition Book
  • A reading book of your choice

All homework will be posted through Moodle or My Homework App. Find the proper assignment placing by asking your instructor.


Grade 8 Team  Staff:  To contact teacher please call 570-323-9439 with extension or send an email.

Mr. D. Asiello (Learning Support)   Ext. 1256  Email:

Mrs. J. Bomboy (Mathematics)        Ext. 1234  Email:

Mrs. B. Casale (ELA Reading)          Ext. 1233  Email:

Mr. A. Cook (Social Studies)            Ext. 1240  Email:

Mrs. A. Fry (ELA Writing)               Ext. 1249  Email:

Mr. Z. Martin (Science)                    Ext. 1231  Email:

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