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All English and reading teachers in the Loyalsock Township School District will strive to foster, in all students, life-long habits of:

  • Reading that is enjoyable, informed, critical, and diverse
  • Writing that is fluent, lively, richly textured and grammatically correct
  • Public speaking that is clear and confident
  • Listening that is accurate, attentive and discriminating.



All homework will be posted through Moodle or My Homework App. Find the proper assignment placing by asking your instructor.

Reading Staff


Rebekah Kendall

6th Grade Reading Teacher  Contact information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1242  Email:



Beth Rohrer

7th Grade Reading Teacher  Contact information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1246  Email:



Photo of Becky Casale

Becky Casale

8th Grade Reading Teacher Contact information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1233  Email:



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