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Curriculum Teams

The Loyalsock Township School District trains and recruits highly qualified staff to participate in our curriculum teams. Below are is the current lists of team member and curricular area.

Elementary (K-5)
Curricular Area Representative
Mathematics Ashley Nagele
English Language Arts (ELA) Melanie Schramm
Science Kim Hoffman
Social Studies Becky Kaiser


Middle (6-8)
Curricular Area Representative
Mathematics Jennifer Bomboy
English Language Arts (ELA) Derreck Godin
Social Studies Wanita Antonacci


Secondary (9-12)
Curricular Area Representative
Mathematics Linda LaCoe
English Language Arts (ELA) Savannah Cajka
Science Brent Reinhart
Social Studies Matt Hill


K-12 Departments
Curricular Area Representative
BTC & Tech Ed Heather Pipech
Health & Physical Education Mike Frederick
Fine Arts/Music David Tini/ Deanna Dincher



Curriculum Team Support Personnel
Position Personnel
Superintendent of Schools Gerald McLaughlin
Supervisor of Curriculum and instruction Vacant
Supervisor of Special Education Lisa Fisher
Director of Technology Eric Gee
High School Principal  Ashley Sekel
High School Dean of Students Bradley Grey
Middle School Principal Rachelle Ackerman
Middle School Assistant Principal Dayne Waller
Elementary Principal Marc Walter
Elementary Assistant Principal Elizabeth Myers


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