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Little Lancer Pre-K

Little Lancer Pre-K

Did you know that Pre-K is not a daycare, a common misconception, it is so much more! A high-quality program like ours
will help children stay ahead of the curve and increase their chances to succeed in school and beyond graduation!
At Little Lancer Pre-K we will develop:

                            • Social skills
                            • Emotional skills
                            • Beginning reading and math skills
                            • Listening skills
                            • Better attention spans

Families living in Pennsylvania with children who meet the required criteria will be
considered for this five-day-a-week program. All families must meet the income guidelines to be eligible
for the program. A family of four can earn up to $83,250 a year and still qualify, an income eligibility
chart is provided.

Families who qualify financially and also have secondary at-risk factors (for example English as a
Second Language, Foster Care, Early Intervention Services, etc.) will be given priority consideration for
the program.

For More Information:

Suzanne Foresman, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction  –  570-326-6508 ext. 1005  or Marc Walter,  K-2 Principal  –  570-326-6554 ext. 1102

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