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Curriculum and Instruction

District curriculum maps provide an overview of the district curriculum course-by-course. Each map specifies the course description, unit, topic, and lessons.  As we continue to transition to our new curriculum mapping software, updates to our maps will be posted on this page.  Some of these updates will include alignment to standards and pacing information.   This resource is intended to provide you with expected student outcomes for each course taught within each grade level or department.   These maps are not fully comprehensive to everything taught daily to allow for flexibility based on student needs. 



Grade K-5
Grade 6 -8
Grade 9-12

English Language Arts

Grade 9 Academic English
Grade 9 Honors English
Grade 10 Academic English
Grade 10 Honors English
Grade 11 Academic English
Grade 11 Honors English
Grade 12 Academic English
Grade 12 Honors English
Speech and Drama
Creative Writing I
Creative Writing II
Yearbook and Media Journalism I
Yearbook and Media Journalism II
Yearbook and Media Journalism III
Advanced Placement Language/Composition
Advanced Placement Literature/Composition


Algebra 1 A
Algebra I B
CC Algebra II
Honors CC Algebra II
Fundamentals of Math
Integrated Math
Honors Geometry
Math Analysis
Academic Trigonometry
Advanced Trigonometry
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Calculus
Advanced Placement Calculus AB
Advanced Placement Calculus BC


Honors Biology
Honors Physics
Earth and the Environment
Honors Earth and the Environment
Honors Chemistry
Integrated Physical Science
Honors Human and Physiology
Laboratory Biotech
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Advanced Placement Physics

Social Studies

Modern American History
World History
Introduction to Social Sciences
Military History
American Pop Culture
World Cultures
Honors Sociology
Advanced Placement Psychology 

World Language

Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

Physical Education/Health/Wellness

Grade 10 Physical Education
Grade 10 Health
Grade 12 Physical Education
Competitive Team and Lifetime Sports
Fitness and Sport


Technology Education

Graphic Design
Multi-Media I
Multi-Media II
Pre-Engineering and Computer Assisted Design
Honors Engineering
Honors Architectural/Civil Engineering
Manufacturing Design Production

Business and Career Education

Accounting I
Accounting II
Computer Science Principles I
Computer Science Principles II
Digital Information Technology I
Digital Information Technology II
Financial Literacy and Planning
Marketing I
Marketing II
Introduction to Business
Senior Seminar
Video Game Design and Programming
Web Page Design



Digital Studio Recording I
Digital Studio Recording II 
Lancer Concert Choir
Music for the Masses
Music Theory
Underclassmen Music Ensemble
Symphonic Band
Honors Symphonic Band
Instrumental Music


Intro to 3D Art
Ceramics and Glass I 
Honors Ceramics and Glass II: Hand-Building
Honors Ceramics and Glass II: Wheel-Throwing
Drawing and Painting I
Drawing and Painting II
Foundation of Drawing and Painting
Honors Portfolio Development

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