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Workplace Safety

The goal of the Workplace Safety Committee is to encourage employees to participate in implementing and monitoring the school district’s safety program. The purpose of a safety committee is to regularly bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace. The committee’s primary focus is to detect and correct workplace hazards. The effective benefits of having a safety committee include a reduction in the number of workplace injuries and illnesses, a reduction in the hidden costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses, and an increase in employee safety awareness in the workplace.

Mission Statement


The purpose of the Loyalsock Township School District Safety Committee (the committee) is to promote a safe and healthy working environment for each employee by creating and maintaining an active interest in safety by each employee and to assist in the overall effort to minimize the frequency of accidents in the workplace.


  1. Involve employees in achieving a safe and healthy workplace;
  2. Promptly review all safety-related incidents, injuries, accidents, and near misses;
  3. Conduct ongoing workplace inspections as needed;
  4. Monitor accident/incident trends and plan prevention;
  5. Annually evaluate the Loyalsock Township School District safety program and recommend improvements to management.
Workplace Safety Committee Members 


  • Vicki Bair (Rec. Secretary)
  • Andrew Baker
  • Brian Bubb
  • Dan Egly (Chairperson)
  • Mike Knight
  • Matt Little
  • Michele Machmer
  • Jessica McCoy
  • Noah Bower
  • Kyle Winton


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