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COVID Resources/Health and Safety Information

Over the past several months, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) engaged with educational leaders and other stakeholders regarding reopening for the 2020-21 school year.

This guidance applies to school entities which include: school districts, charter schools, regional charter schools, cyber charter schools, career and technical centers (CTCs), and intermediate units (IUs). Given the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, PDE’s guidance will evolve as further research, data and resources become available.

Every day counts as LTSD plans to reopen and resume in-person instruction. And every day, we are learning more about how to do that safely.  Our plan will continue to reflect the best available data and evidence on maximizing educational opportunities while mitigating disease spread.

Our Health and Safety Plan recognizes that each school entity is unique and that all plans for the upcoming year must reflect local needs based on available data and will serve as the local guidelines for all school reopening activities. As with all school emergency plans, the Health and Safety Plan is tailored to the unique needs of our school community and is being created in consultation with local health agencies.


LTSD Health and Safety Plan Section

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2023-2024 (Revised 1/10/2024)

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2023-2024

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2022-2023(Revised 7/20/2022)

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2021-2022 (Revised 1/27/2022)

Parent Communication Health and Safety Plan – January 27, 2022

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2021-2022  ( Revised 8/26/2021)

LTSD Health and Safety Plan 2021-2022  (Approved 7/21/2021)

Community Resources

ARP ESSER Grant Application – 2022

LTSD Facilities Use Information

Public Concerns/Complaints Process

2021-2022 Proposed Transportation Changes Power Point Presentation

NEW*** Transportation/Scheduling Changes 21-22 School Year

COVID Relief Financial Information – ESSR – Board Presentation

Past School Board Meeting Recordings

LTSD Board Meeting Recording – 5/12/2021

LTSD Board Work Session/Community Meeting – Proposed Transportation Changes – 4/21/2021

LTSD Board Meeting Recording – 4/7/2021

LTSD Board Meeting Recording – 3/10/2021

Updated Information on Isolation and Quarantine Procedures Update 1/7/2022

PA Department of Health 2022-PAHAN-619-1-7-UPD – Update to COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Period Clarification

PA-HAN 615

                                                                                                                            HHC Guidance on Quarantine Periods

Minimum of 10 days, based on the scenarios below:

                                                    Asymptomatic case : 5 days isolation + 5 days QT at the end of the Case’s isolation period + 5 days mask adherence = 15 days

Symptomatic case : 5+days isolation (until symptoms improve) + 5 days QT at the end of isolation +5 days mask adherence = 15 days

Daily Instruction for Quarantined StudentsUpdate 9/23/2021

LTSD Update on Mask ExemptionsNew 9/7/2021

Order of Secretary of PA Department of Health Regarding Mask Mandates – New 9/1/2021

Student Mask Medical Limitation/Exemption FormNew 8/27/2021

COVID Close Contact FlowChartRevised – 8/30/2021

LLI Online Registration Form – New 8/27/2021

If you have any questions about our on-line options, please contact Mrs. Suzy Foresman – 326-6508 x 1005

Districtwide COVID Counseling Resources

  Letter of Attestation Ensuring Implementation of Mitigation Efforts

Letter from Superintendent regarding Health and Safety Plan Update – 11/22/2020

2020-2021 Health and Safety School Reentry Plan(Revised)  – Initial Board Approval Date 7/29/2020

PDE/DOH What’s New


Informational Videos

Parent Portal Demo

Contact Verification Demo

Quarantined Instructional Video’s

Logging in to your LTSD Classlink Dashboard

Family Overview of Seesaw

Overview of Chromebook and Google Apps

Setting Google Drive as Default Download Location

Downloading and editing PDF’s

Downloading PDF’s #2

Lancer Learning Institute Additional Information

LLI Application  (Printable)


Additional Research Links

Phased School Reopening Template

CDC director: Keeping schools closed poses greater health threat to children  – web Article

2020-2021 LTSD Parent Survey Results

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