The Mathematics Department is offering many courses during the  academic year to meet the mathematics and computer programming needs of Loyalsock Township students, regardless of their plans after high school. Our vision is to provide excellence in school mathematics curriculum, instruction, assessment and to stimulate students’ interest, achievement and confidence in learning mathematics. Appropriate use of instructional technology tools is integral to the learning and teaching of mathematics and to the assessment of mathematics learning at all levels. It is our mission to provide classroom work experiences that will empower students to become thoughtful contributors to society.

All homework will be posted through Moodle or My Homework App. Find the proper assignment placing by asking your instructor.


Mathematics Staff

Photo of John Rhoads

John Rhoads

6th Grade Math Teacher Contact Information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1222  Email:



Photo of Emily Baumunk

Emily Baumunk

7th Grade Math Teacher Contact Information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1245  Email:



Photo of Jennifer Bomboy

Jennifer Bomboy

8th Grade Math Teacher Contact Information: 570-323-9439 Ext. 1234  Email:




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Visitors for Athletic Events – Entrance to the district will be from Northway Road on to Loyalsock Ave. All entrances to the district off Four Mile Drive will be closed. Parking is available at both the high school and middle school.