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LTMS Faculty/Staff Resources

Below is a general list of resources offered to middle school teachers. All Faculty/Staff forms will be listed under the Forms – Building Faculty/Staff Forms link.

Announcement Request

Any announcement you would like made over the PA System or on the monitor in lobby must be typed! Please submit your request to the office secretaries by emailing them your information. You must include the date(s), time (AM and/or PM) you wish the announcement to broadcast and the name of the person/club submitting it. All announcements must be approved by the principal.

Parent Conference

Click on the desired link below to print the forms needed when scheduling conferences. Also included for your convenience is a form to complete, should you desire, with the results of your meeting. You may open any form and “save as” to make modifications to meet the needs of your grade level team.

Please remember to provide the office with copies of completed Appointment Schedules so that we may help parent/guardian(s) should they call with any questions.

PPID (Act 48): Getting ID Number

  1. Go to: PERMS
  2. Click on “Get your Professional Personnel ID”.
  3. Complete the data fields for First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number (enter with or without dashes), and Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy).
  4. Click on the button for “Get Professional Personnel ID”.
  5. Your PPID number (Act 48 number) will display on the screen.

PPID (Act 48): Reviewing Hours

  1. Go to: PERMS Public Access
  2. Type your Professional Personnel IP (PPID) in the box located to the right of “View Continuing Education Progress for …”
  3. Click Go
  4. The page that appears will show the total credits for the time period(s).  If you want to know the details of how this total was determined, click on the link that says “View CE Details”.
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